What To Look For In A DIY Marine Solar Charging Kit


Even though the majority of boat owners still rely on old-fashioned ways to keep power to their boat's motor and features, there is a better way. Solar-power for your boat brings a whole list of advantages, from fuel savings to reducing your carbon footprint. There are all kinds of solar charging kits and solar panels available for marine vehicles and most come in simple-to-install DIY kits. However, how do you know you are choosing the best marine solar charging kit for your boat?

25 June 2017

4 Green Cleaning Tips For Making Your Home Eco-Friendly And Free Of Ants

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Keeping your home in the best possible shape will depend on how well and how often you clean it. Taking time out of your busy day or week is essential for getting this task done. However, if you want to help the environment, rather than harm it when cleaning your home, you will want to rely on some green cleaning tips to do so. This is the key to getting the look you want in your property while keeping ants away and trying to allow the environment to be a much better one in the process.

27 April 2017

Three Factors You Must Consider Before Installing Solar Panels On A Tiny Home

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When you're building a tiny home, one of the most important decisions you have to make is the type of energy source you'll use to power your appliances and other items that require electricity. A solar panel system is a great option. However, there are a number of factors you must take into consideration when determining if this is the right option for you and which type of system to install.

18 April 2017

Questions to Ask When Deciding to Implement an Industrial Recycling Program

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If you are the owner or manager of a factory, there is a good chance that you are trying to figure out how to cut costs, improve public relations, and generally make moves to make your factory more successful. One way to do this is to implement an industrial recycling program. However, there are a number of costs that are associated with industrial recycling that might make you wary of investing the time and money into setting one up.

12 April 2017

Three Types Of Storm Damage Your Home May Experience

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Storm damage can be a major problem for homeowners, and there is little that can be done to prevent these issues from arising. Therefore, you will need to be prepared to address these damages once they occur. By understanding more about the types of damages that storms can cause to your property, you will find that it is easier to know how to respond. Wind Damage The winds that are produced by strong storms can be one of the most damaging threats that your home will face.

7 April 2017

3 Times To Rent A Dumpster

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Having access to a large trash receptacle can be beneficial. There are certain times that a homeowner may find they generate more trash than usual, and opting to rent a dumpster to handle the removal of this trash can be a smart decision. If you are wondering whether or not you should make the choice to spend money on a dumpster rental, here are three situations where having access to a dumpster can be critical to the completion of your project.

1 February 2017

Work In The Energy Industry? 3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Workplace Radiation

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If you're exposed to radiation during the course of your workday – even small doses of radiation – you need to make sure you're well protected. This is particularly important if you work in the energy industry, where a good portion of your day may be spent around radiation. Even if you don't work in a field that requires you to wear radiation monitors – devices that measure the amount of radiation you've been exposed to – you still need to be aware of the potential harm that's around you, as well as ways to protect yourself.

17 May 2016